We extend content life across time, geographies, media and formats:

Traditional advertising and marketing communication are like fossil energy: they are burnt and gone as they are used. And often spilled and wasted. The same applies to fiction and non-fiction contentin TV and printed press.

At first, a TV program or a commercial has to compete for shelf space and positioning (the TV program grid, the area of a magazine page), then for mind space of consumers. Ad repetitions are as essential as costly.
In theory, Internet has eternal shelf-space, but the shelves are so vast and dispersed that Internet advertising is worth little, if not branded, targeted/contextualised or shared in social media.

RE-NEW-ABLE MEDIA is a sustainable communication agency and consultancy. We help you to make media content and communication more relevant, reusable and repurposable, multiplying your media ROI and "stretching"your euros (or dollars or roubles!).